March 2024 Update


At its meeting of 27 February 2024, the City of South Perth Council approved the motion (tabled by Deputy Mayor Bronwyn Waugh) for the City of South Perth administration to work with WASPS on an option for a 21 year lease of part of Collier Reserve. The motion (below in itallics) was approved 5-3. 

That Council:
1. Requests the Chief Executive Officer to negotiate with Wesley South Perth Hockey Club (Inc) (WASP) to prepare a deed granting a three-year call option to lease over a portion of Collier Reserve (Option to Lease) for a period of 21 years, subject to [a number of terms].


The decision keeps our proposal for a combined home for all of our member in South Perth alive. As we had been seeking all along, it provides a pathway to achieve a turf/grass/clubroom facility for our club in the City of South Perth and gives us the opportunity to answer any remaining development questions.. and, if we do that and raise the necessary funds, to go ahead and build our facility in the future.

At the same meeting, Council also approved a motion for WASPs to continue to concurrently engage with HockeyWA with respect to the future Australian High Performance Hockey Centre development at Curtin.

We'd like to thank Lyle Kenny and Jenness Gardner for their ongoing tireless work on the proposal, and all of our members (including those in attendance at the Council meetings, and particularly Sam Hammond, Mark Kerrigan, David Parker and Alicia Tory for their deputations in favour of the motion) for your ongoing support - which will continue to be required.

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