Additional FAQs

Why can’t WASPs relocate to the nearby Perth Hockey Stadium located at Curtin University?

Our teams already use the turf at the Perth Hockey Stadium whenever possible. 

However, as Western Australia’s premier hockey facility, there is high demand from users including male and female teams from the Australian Institute of Sport and State teams, so it is not always available.

The Perth Hockey Stadium does not have any grass grounds for WASP’s junior and senior teams to train or play on and no dedicated clubroom facilities to enable us to come together as one multi-generational community club.

While Hockey WA currently controls Perth Hockey Stadium, it does not have a long-term lease in place with Curtin University, so it does not represent viable long-term solution for WASPs.

How will the proposed artificial turf and clubrooms at Collier Reserve be funded?

If the relocation is approved, the new synthetic turf, club house and grassed playing areas will be jointly funded by WASPs and Wesley College.

As a non-profit sports club, WASPs will need to undertake fundraising activities and seek government and corporate support to fund its share of the project.

What is the WASP’s history and connection to the City of South Perth?

WASPs was created when the Old Wesley Hockey Club, South Perth Women’s Hockey Club and South Perth Men’s Hockey Club merged.  

Its origins date back to the 1930s and the club has always been based in the City of South Perth.

WASPs remains a grassroots club that encourages diversity and inclusivity. We have around 700 members ranging from 4 to 74, with equal representation of male and female players. 

Fifty one percent of WASPs players live in the City of South Perth and 67 per cent of our junior players attend local schools.

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